AQUAFIT Chlorine is a high grade which was very wide application in swimming pools and water treatments. Its area of applications is increasing day by day and has a great demand world over. The major applications are as under:

SANITIZATION OF SWIMMING POOLS: AQUAFIT Chlorine is effectively chlorinates swimming pool water to make it free from bacteria and prevents growth of algae. It makes pool water hygienic and crystal clear.

AQUACULTURE & PROCESSING: AQUAFIT Chlorine can be extensively used in Fish Hatcheries, Lobster ponds. Fish Ponds, and fish processing plants. AQUAFIT Chlorine creates hygienic environment by killing harmful bacteria and controlling the growth of algae which will help to accelerate the breeding and yield of sea food like fish, prawns and shrimps.

BREWERIES: AQUAFIT Chlorine is useful in the breweries plants for general sanitization and cleaning of pipelines, storage tanks and other equipments. It is further used to disinfect the plant water for manufacturing of beer. AQUAFIT Chlorine is also used to effectively control slime and odor in pasteurizers, malting areas.

APPLICATION IN CANNERIES: AQUAFIT Chlorine is used for disinfecting the cooling water which is required for cooling of freshly packed food containers in canneries.

APPLICATION IN DAIRY UNITS: AQUAFIT Chlorine is used to maintain a goo hygienic environment inside dairy units wherein milk and products are prevent contamination of the product and also control mold and mildew to treat waste. Almost all the equipments are sanitized by using AQUAFIT Chlorine solution to control contamination.

MEATPROCESSINGUNITS: Meat processing units have a problem of bad odor which is controlled by disinfecting killing rooms, inedible rooms, edible rooms and related equipments and utensils with the help of AQUAFIT Chlorine solution. The wastes Generated from meat processing plants are also disinfected with AQUAFIT.

INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT: Cooling towers, Cooling ponds and reservoirs generally face the problem of slimes. The problem is solved by dozing AQUAFIT Chlorine solution of suitable concentration under close monitoring. The AQUAFIT Chlorine is useful in preventing growth of algae over cooling tower distributors and improves the efficiency of process by keeping the pipelines and cooling equipments in good condition.

INDUSTRIAL CYNIDE WASTE: AQUAFIT Chlorine has been found most effective chemical to destroy the cyanides present in industrial liquid wastes. It converts the toxic cyanide into harmless cyanides. The cyanide containing solid industrial wastes can also be treated using AQUAFIT Chlorine by dissolving into water.

TEXTILE INDUSTRY: AQUAFIT Chlorine is used in bleaching cotton. Cotton yarn hemp. It removes coloring material (lignin) from cotton and imparts brightness to the yarn. Bleaching essential before dying of yarns even fabrics, garments etc.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: AQUAFIT Chlorine solution of suitable concentration is utilized in washing fruits or vegetables before their packing. This helps to control harmful bacteria and fungi that contaminate the fruits and vegetables. It also improves the keeping qualities of vegetables. Growing Mushrooms are protected from diseases by using AQUAFIT directly on the Mushrooms. The potatoes and sweet Potatoes are treated with AQUAFIT to prevent soft rot.

LEATHERINDUSTRY: AQUAFIT Chlorine is utilized for curing raw hides and also for extra shine of leather goods.

PAPERINDUSTRY: AQUAFIT Chlorine is widely used as bleaching agent for wood pulp and straw in paper industries. The good quality papers are bleached with AQUAFIT to Improve whiteness of Paper.

SUGARINDUSTRY: AQUAFIT Chlorine is using in sugar industry for disinfecting vessels and pipelines in sugar industry.

POULTRY PLANTS: AQUAFIT Chlorine effectively controls odor and bacterial growth poultry plants. Regular treatment is required with AQUAFIT to sanitize poultry feeding areas, dropping boards, feeding troughs and watering channels. AQUAFIT Chlorine is further used to control bacteria on contaminated eggs and sanitize all the equipments and places involved in egg breaking operations. It is desired that all utensils devices and equipments that come contact with "off" should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with AQUAFIT It is also required to deodorize the egg breaking room's walls and floors using AQUAFIT solution of suitable concentration.

HOTELS/RESTARAUNTS: AQUAFIT Chlorine is commonly used in clearing of Tea stained cups and disinfection and bleaching etc., of napkins, towels, in laundries located in the hotels.

HOSPITALS: AQUAFIT is used in disinfecting of sick rooms, bath rooms toilets, floors etc., in the hospital. The wastes coming of the hospital are also treated with AQUAFIT solution for safe disposal.






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