About Pouyesh Farasoo Kimia

POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) International Trading Company is proud to introduce itself as an expert enterprise that acts for supply the needed commodities for various sectors. This company can propose a wide range of products, which are defined according to customer’s requirements. We mainly focus on quality and giving high quality facilities to customers so we are sure that you will come to this result after experiencing cooperation with POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) Co for the first time.

Aiming at development in fields of importation and exportation, foreign trading, sale and consultation in Supple Chain scene at different branches of chemical substances in Iran, POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) Co was established. Directors of this company act based ID, BS, and DIN standards with over 20 years experience in this field. The company deals with transaction for procurement and supply of various types of chemicals through cooperation with Asian countries including India, China, Korea, and European countries.

This company is the exclusive agent for Indian Chloros Group with well-known brand (aquafit) within range of water and water treatment (sewage) industries that it acts with Trade Name of calcium hypochlorite in Iran.

With emphasis on previous experiences and opening agency offices in other countries including India, UAE, and China, directors and personnel of POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) Co have established perfect and firm relationship between manufacturers, vendors, and consumers.

The outlook of POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) Co is to become the leading and superior supplier for the needed commodities in Iran and for their relevant services. It is hoped that this outlook to be realized quickly through cooperation with small- and big-sized affiliates and groups more than ever and POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) Co can also record the name of the respected group in resume of its honors.

POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) Co is in contact with a wide range of very active and dynamic customers and audiences in various fields of manufacturing in food and pharmaceutical industries, water and water treatment organization, factories of syrup manufacturing, food- processing and fisheries, agricultural, and textile industries, leather manufacturing, pulp and paper industries, electric power plants, hospitals, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and assumes them as intellectual capitals for its own.

The ultimate objective of POUYESH FARASOO KIMIA (PFK) Co is to possess excellent sources for supply and procurement of commodities and giving appropriate services to customers where all members of this enterprise believe in this principle from director to personnel.      

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